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This BLOG is part of my advocacy to educate patients as well as medical colleagues and the public in general, towards gaining more knowledge about the reality and benefits of a Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fats (LCHF)/Ketogenic Diet, especially in relation to what we physicians have referred to as the "Metabolic Syndrome", otherwise known as "Insulin Resistance" or "Syndrome X".

Join me in this journey and let's make it a priority to transform ourselves for the better by empowering our lives through optimized metabolic health!

Let's all #FightMetabolicSyndrome!

The Low Carb Health Doctor | LCHD Blogs

012: Can You Be FAT, Yet HEALTHY? (The Metabolically Healthy Obese/MHO vs Unhealthy Obese/MUO)
IF you are fat, overweight or obese, is there a chance that you are still healthy? Or is it always the case that being overweight or obese is a big health risk? Especially for heart attack and stroke? I often encounter this question every now and the...
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Are you fat? Are you overweight or obese? Are you pre-diabetic? Or perhaps do you even already have high blood sugar to be diagnosed a DIABETIC? What is Metabolic Syndrome? Do you have it? If so, should you be worried about it? Well, for the simple f...
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010: Does KETO Low-Carb Diet Really Cause HEART ATTACKS?
I have been repeatedly asked about this particular news item that has been first published by the American College of Cardiology website in time for its annual scientific session last March 5, 2023. It says “’Keto-Like’ Diet May Be Linked to Higher R...
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008: Is High LDL Cholesterol BAD???
Recently, a patient asked me: "My LDL in my lipid profile is high. I was advised to stop my KETO DIET because of my risks for heart attack. What should I do?""I'M CONCERNED ABOUT MY HIGH LDL"Ever since that patient has gone low c...
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You probably have heard of the so-called "ketogenic diet," or the "keto diet" in short. But you may not be that very familiar with it, and what it’s supposed to be. Would you like to understand more what the "keto diet" really is? Well, you've come t...
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The Epidemic of DIABESITY - Are YOU One of Them?
Do YOU Have METABOLIC SYNDROME?Are you FAT/OVERWEIGHT or OBESE? Is your BLOOD PRESSURE HIGH? Do you have TYPE 2 DIABETES?If so, you are a very likely candidate of the METABOLIC SYNDROME.And you have HIGH chances of dying due to HEART ATTACK or STROKE...
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Low Carb RECIPES from the #EasyKETO CHEF

009: #EasyKETO Chef - Microwave CHOCO MUG CAKE
Great day Low Carbers! 😇 It’s the Low Carb Health Doctor chef in the house! And as promised I'm going to give you low-carb/keto tips every now and then to help you live your low carb lifestyle effectively, practically and deliciously! This is th...
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